Saturday, July 24, 2010

Regarding my post about Haskell

Yesterday blogger team send me their quarterly? spam I mean newsletter about new features added to blogger (template designer, accurate preview,sharing buttons, blog stats ..). After I changed my background with template designer and added the sharing buttons as any small village celebrity I've opened the blog stats. I knew that google offered some kind of analytic but it was hard to use or at least I think that is hard to use and since I'm lazy I never used it. But now with stats neatly integrated into the dashboard I couldn't resist. And there was the surprise the my old posts Lisper's first look at Haskell and Farewell Haskell having hundreds views per day. It seems that some necromancer :) brought to life that thread on reddit and hacker news. Anyway for all those interested in update here's a short preview of my present situation.
Currently I'm using regularly common lisp, java, c#,c/c++ and SQL. I bought Programming Clojure & Practical Clojure and went through them. I would have bought both Clojure in action and Joy of Clojure (written by starter of this thread fogus) if Manning accepted credit card payment from Macedonia. I'm little tired of everything Java related, that includes Clojure, so I'm using my spare time to learn OpenCL. Regarding Haskell. I haven't programmed in it since I wrote the post farewell haskell. The reason for that is my programming style for which Haskell is ill suited which described in the farewell Haskell post in the paragraph starting with: It may interest you to know that most of my development .. I don't hate Haskell but its not in list my favorite language either(*) though as one favoring functional style I cheer news like this . Also I prefer to say what I'm thinking and be rude if necessary then hide my message between being politically correct watered down politician talk. On the other hand I have high opinion about SPJ and enjoy his talk and many of his papers. In the end language wars are pointless, use the language that suits yourself and have a marry hacking.

(*) For those interested my favorite languages are lisp dialects (cl,scheme and clojure), array languages (j & q), Prolog, Erlang and concatenative languages.

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