Friday, May 14, 2010

How to game a technical interview

After reading the Yes, I know article and especially the comment below I thought how easy was to game the interview.
If there is an opening you're qualified for but there will a tough competition and the interviewers value highly candidate technical competency your answers to interview technical questions would carry a lot of weight. So if the interviews are scheduled in different days all you need is an accomplice to be the brilliant at your interview. Choose someone who has a great resume or at least good enough to be called for the interview but isn't interested in that opening. When HR calls let your accomplice schedule the interview day before you then tell you the interview questions.
The interviewers might change the questions afterward but I seriously doubt it. First preparing good interview questions is a tough work and second and more important if the questions are changed a lot it becomes very hard to compare skills of the different candidates without having a common reference point.

And next time I'm preparing a unique question for those looking suspicious on the ones previously asked. Sometimes paranoia is your friend.

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