Monday, April 6, 2009

lure and bait

I've just canceled my wireless internet contract with T-mobile after just 2 months. Beside the slow internet I got ten times larger bill for my first month for going over my bandwith limit. So I asked them to put a limiter whenever I pass the limit just turn me off, or warn me or whatever. But they just didn't wanted to do it. Instead I got a number to track on my own. So I decided to cancel my subscription. And got charged 6 month bills for doing that. I could think about the way management was thinking for squeezing every bit of money they can, and forgetting about those unimportant things called customer satisfaction. If they were honest and asked for more money up front and offered convenient way to track my spending I would be satisfied and they will earned much more. Now I feel cheated as in classic lure and bait situation. They robbed me but they actually robbed themselves.
I wonder if those penalties payed for canceling the service show up as negative marketing or they're profit as usual. And no matter how many commercials they run and what kind of sponsorship they won't get the money of anybody I know.
And they just have to piss off enough people. There is always a choice.

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