Friday, March 27, 2009

How long could good design carry you?

I'm early adapter about web browsers, always willing to try new ones. I have latest IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome on a single machine. Sometimes that latest is not by my choice like with damn IE8 that can not be uninstalled from Windows server, which I certainly want to do because it can not open wikipedia pages from the google search results but instead it's trying to download them as file. Classic showstopper.
Beside IE that I'm required to use for work the rest are my personal preference. And its only one that I'm actively using the rest are just standing there. At first it was Firefox, then I switched to Opera after they added the home button and improved the look with Opera 10. Later I tried Chrome, it was fast and ugly, but the real problem was the address bar being very high on the screen, so whenever I raised the cursor my favorite dock showed up, and that was unacceptable.
Afterward I tried Safari, same problem as with Chrome but I repositioned the dock to the left. Why I was willing to sacrifice convenience and learn a new position for Safari but didn't give a chance to Chrome?
Because Safari looks great. I love the colors I love the effects and I love how the fonts look like and where the buttons are positioned. Safari has many quirks, like saving page together with some ugly bugs like crushing few times a day and especially not saving my files so I'm forced to use Mozilla for downloading videos from keepvid.But I'm willing to live with that because Safari has style.
So how long will good design carry you? It seems that mediocre product with great will win against good product with mediocre design everything else being the same. Being technologically great is tough sale unless end user could perceive that difference very quickly. Else high quality tech product is just another product, and its ugly by the way.
So as long as there are no showstoppers will keep Safari. Until something better comes along.

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