Thursday, March 20, 2008

Lisp is a river

Lisp is a river, quick stream of water.
running with fast flow
Take your kayak and enter the current
toward the rapids, away from shore

Lisp is a river, wide stream of water
running with mighty flow
Drifting on surface, looking straight forward
you are a captain of a riverboat

Lisp is river, endless stream of water
flooding your shores
But you are a shaman, you’ll raise new land
no one could hurt you, you're in control


  1. So, Lisp is a river and Haskell a monastery beside it? :)

  2. The song is more about the evolution of lisp programmer than about lisp itself, with a subtle thread about difficulties that lisp practioners encounter.

    Lurkers stand in the shore but few dare to leave the security and enter the rapids.

    Captain is the lisp master. The one who willed the language and found its place in the ecosystem.

    Shaman is a lisp god, even the wrath of nature can't hurt them.


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